Full Service SEO Company Glasgow

Imagine having the power of your very own in-house SEO team, with 20 years in-the-trenches SEO industry experience and knowledge spanning numerous vertical markets but without the payroll expense, constant training issues & skillset gaps of hiring in-house. All of this is possible when you hire us on a full-service SEO retainer.

Oyster Full Service SEO

We take the hassle out of hiring in-house. When you choose us as your full service SEO and digital marketing optimisation provider we take full ownership of your search engine optimisation project by handling the heavy lifting, leaving you with the time to focus on the deep work required to grow your business from within.

Our professional turn-key SEO service helps you achieve top search engine rankings for your target keywords using a combination of SEO consulting, SEO training and hands-on technical SEO all from the comfort of our Glasgow SEO office.

For most projects, the SEO roadmap includes each of the following tasks:

  • Discovery Interview – The discovery interview is where we learn about your business model, your target audience, business goals, objectives and expectations of the search engine marketing project.
  • Initial Website Review & Brief –  A review and evaluation of your current website from an organic search engine optimisation perspective where we identify the potential problems and bottlenecks present that will hinder the business goals, objectives and expectations uncovered in the discovery interview. The purpose of this SEO ranking service is to provide a high level brief with recommendations based on best practice to achieve all of your outcomes. The website review includes topics such as website architecture, content and link popularity.
  • SEO Audit – Our comprehensive technical SEO audit (conducted by hand, 100+ hours) identifies every area of your website where SEO improvements can and should be made. The audit document provides a prioritised list of recommendations for rectifying the issues hindering your site’s search engine rankings.
  • SEO Report – Similar to the SEO Audit but a much shorter document which includes a prioritised list of website issues that need addressed with the examples and instructions required to fix each issue. Depending on your internal workflow, this document can be passed to your web development team to implement the fixes or alternatively our in-house SEO developers are on-hand to complete all work if required.
  • Keyword Research & Market Analysis – We’ll  analyse and evaluate the trends & search demand in your market to uncover the keywords your potential customers are searching for. The final keywords are agreed from this list which shapes the content creation plan for capturing potential customers at each stage of the buyer’s digital journey.  We then perform competitor SEO and Search Engine Results Page (SERP) analysis, looking at the sites that are currently the top-ranked for your desired keywords to create a “match and exceed” strategy. Once we know which content, structural and link based strategies are working for the current leaders, we outperform them by “matching and exceeding” through a combination of technical on-page optimisation and off-page promotion strategies.
  • Content Creation, Page Optimisation & Analysis – We’ll create the content you need to capture potential customers at all stages of the sales funnel who need your products or services. From visitors early in the research / awareness phase looking for solutions, to prospects further in the journey evaluating different options – we can provide you with a content road map or if preferred, take complete ownership of the creation and optimisation of your content with you giving guidance and final sign-off. Content performance is reviewed against your business objectives throughout the term of the project. As organic SEO is an iterative process, we will need to analyse and edit content pages periodically.
  • Link Audit and Analysis – We’ll identify and prune potentially problematic links. Although Google now use over 200 ranking signals in their algorithm for analysing and scoring websites, hyperlinks are still one of the most important signals used to determine your website’s relevance and rank for your desired keywords. Often we discover manipulative or unnatural links from work in past that no longer conform to search engine best practice that could be currently hindering your site’s performance or may affect its’ performance in the future. A review of your website’s current link profile is recommended before moving onto a link acquisition phase.
  • Link Acquisition / Off-Page Promotion (Digital PR, Outreach, Content Marketing) – “Link building” is a fundamental element of every SEO campaign because of the importance still placed on a website’s link profile by search engines. The industry term “link building” is slightly outdated as the process is really about providing compelling reasons to attract links to your website rather than ‘building’ them. ‘Earning links’ is a much more useful way to think of the process which encompasses strategies and tactics from the disciplines of Digital PR & News, Content Marketing, Blogging and Outreach.  Our approach is highly contextual and based on what works best and most appropriately within your industry. We’ll work with closely with you to design (and deliver) a link acquisition approach that meets your SEO campaign’s objectives.
  • Rank Tracking and Reporting – View your monthly progress with easy to understand reporting, rank tracking and backlink analysis. We can monitor the ranking of your domain and specified web pages for your desired keywords and provide online access to ranking reports so you know when and where your organisation or website is showing up in search engine organic listings both locally and globally. We can also track against a number of  your key competitors providing a useful benchmark for comparison so you always know how exactly how your campaign is progressing.